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Distance Sleeve Iron Nickel Alloy , permalloy 1j85 cellosilk 10 micron

China Shanghai Tankii Alloy Material Co.,Ltd certification
China Shanghai Tankii Alloy Material Co.,Ltd certification
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Distance Sleeve Iron Nickel Alloy , permalloy 1j85 cellosilk 10 micron

Distance Sleeve Iron Nickel Alloy , permalloy 1j85 cellosilk 10 micron
Distance Sleeve Iron Nickel Alloy , permalloy 1j85 cellosilk 10 micron Distance Sleeve Iron Nickel Alloy , permalloy 1j85 cellosilk 10 micron

Large Image :  Distance Sleeve Iron Nickel Alloy , permalloy 1j85 cellosilk 10 micron

Product Details:
Place of Origin: shanghai
Brand Name: tankii
Certification: ISO
Model Number: Ni80Mo5
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: USD + 300 + KG
Packaging Details: wooden case
Delivery Time: 15 day
Payment Terms: D/P, T/T, , D/A
Supply Ability: 500 + kg + Month

Distance Sleeve Iron Nickel Alloy , permalloy 1j85 cellosilk 10 micron

Shop Sign: 1j85 Resistance: 0.56
Density: 8.75 Chemical Composition: Ni80Mo5
Use: Distance Sleeve,chip Curie Point: 400
High Light:

precision tubing


kovar alloy

Introduction to the

Soft magnetic iron nickel alloy is in iron nickel base with different number of Co, Cr, Cu, Mo, V, Ti, Al, Nb, Mn, Si and other elements of alloy, is the most versatile of iron nickel alloy, a kind of most varieties and specifications, dosage after silicon steel sheet and electrical pure iron.Compared with other soft magnetic alloy, the alloy in geomagnetic field has the very high magnetic permeability and low coercive force, some alloy also have rectangular hysteresis loop, or very low residual magnetic induction intensity and constant magnetic permeability characteristics and has a special purpose.

This kind of alloy has good anti-rust properties and processing properties, shape and size can be made very precision components.Because the resistivity of the alloy is higher than pure iron and silicon steel sheet, and easily processed into thin belt, so that under a few microns thin belt, apply to a few MHZ at high frequency.

Chemical composition


composition C P S Mn Si
Content(%) 0.03 0.02 0.02 0.3~0.6 0.15~0.3


composition Ni Cr Mo Cu Fe
Content(%) 79.0~81.0 - 4.8~5.2 ≤0.2 Bal

Heat treatment system

shop sign Annealing medium heating temperature Keep the temperature time/h Cooling rate



Dry hydrogen or vacuum, pressure is not greater than 0.1 Pa Along with the furnace heating up 1100~1150℃



In 100 ~ 200 ℃ / h speed cooling to 600 ℃, fast to 300 ℃ draw a charge


Permalloy often refers to the iron nickel alloy, nickel content in the range of 30-90%.Application is very extensive soft magnetic alloy.Through the proper process, can effectively control magnetic energy, such as the initial permeability of more than 105, more than 106 maximum magnetic permeability, low to 2 ‰ of the rectangle coefficient of coercive force, close to 1 or close to zero, permalloy with face-centered cubic crystal structure has good plasticity, can be processed into 1 mu m ultra-thin use with all kinds of forms.Commonly used alloys have 1 j50, 1 j79, 1 j85, etc.

1 j85 saturated magnetic induction intensity was slightly lower than silicon steel, but the permeability dozens of times higher than the silicon steel and iron loss is 2 ~ 3 times lower than the silicon steel.Made of high frequency transformer (400 ~ 8000 hz), no-load current is small, under 100 w for the production of small high frequency transformer.1 j79 has good comprehensive performance, suitable for high frequency transformer, low voltage electrical leakage protection switch core, common-mode inductor core and current transformer core.Initial permeability of 1 j85 can reach more than 105 thousand, suitable for a weak signal of low frequency or high frequency input and output transformer, common mode inductor and high-precision current transformer, etc.

The structure of magnetic
Permalloy is a weak magnetic field with high magnetic permeability of iron nickel alloy, nickel content in more than 30% of nickel and iron, when the room temperature of single-phase face-centered cubic (gamma) structure, but around 30% Ni single-phase structure is not very stable, so the practical soft magnetic iron nickel alloy, nickel content was above 36%.Iron nickel alloy, near 75% nickel (atomic fraction) will happen in the single-phase alloy Ni3Fe long-range order transformation, lattice constant and the physical properties of the alloy, such as resistivity and magnetic can change.So, want to consider an orderly transition effects on performance.Usually add a small amount of Mo in Ni3Fe alloy or additional elements such as Cu, to suppress the generation of long range order.

The basic characteristics of
Under the weak magnetic field has a very high magnetic permeability of iron nickel soft magnetic alloy.
In order to improve the resistivity, improve the process performance, often join in Fe - Ni binary alloy elements Mo, Cr, Cu, etc.In addition to the Fe - Ni alloy, belong to permalloy and iron silicon aluminum alloy and amorphous cobalt base alloy.
Permalloy soft magnetic performance, initial permeability mu of 37.5 ~ 125 mh I/m, the largest magnetic permeability microns of up to 125 ~ 375 mh/m, the coercive force Hc 0.8 A/m, resistivity rho is 60 ~ 85 mu Ω · cm.

Alloy by vacuum induction melting furnace, the hot cold plastic deformation made from cold rolled strip, cold drawn wire or hot rolled sheet and rod (forging).

Used to produce audio transformer, transformer, magnetic amplifier, magnetic modulator, choke, audio head, etc

The production process
Permalloy production process is complicated.For example, the plate rolling process, annealing temperature and time, the cooling speed after annealing has a great influence on the final magnetic materials.
Our permalloy brand is 1 JXX.Among them, the J said "precision alloy", "1" said soft magnetic, behind the Numbers for the serial number, usually said the amount of nickel in the alloy.For example 1 j50, 1 j851, etc.Permalloy with high magnetic permeability, so often used in the high frequency transformer core or have strict request for the sensitivity of devices, such as high frequency (tens of KHz), precision transformer, switch power supply transformer leakage switch transformer, magnetic shielding and magnetic yoke.

Distance Sleeve Iron Nickel Alloy , permalloy 1j85 cellosilk 10 micron 0

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