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Good Structure High Strength Nanometer Pure Nickel Foam for Motor Muffler

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Good Structure High Strength Nanometer Pure Nickel Foam for Motor Muffler

Good Structure High Strength Nanometer Pure Nickel Foam for Motor Muffler
Good Structure High Strength Nanometer Pure Nickel Foam for Motor Muffler Good Structure High Strength Nanometer Pure Nickel Foam for Motor Muffler

Large Image :  Good Structure High Strength Nanometer Pure Nickel Foam for Motor Muffler

Product Details:
Place of Origin: Shanghai, China
Brand Name: TANKII
Certification: ISO 9001:2008
Model Number: Ni-CD
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 10kg
Price: To negotiate
Packaging Details: spool, coil, carton, plywood case with plastic film according to client'´s requirements
Delivery Time: 7-15 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal
Supply Ability: 20+TON+MONTH

Good Structure High Strength Nanometer Pure Nickel Foam for Motor Muffler

Use: Electronics/Battery/Heat /Industry Dimension: Acustomed Size According To Clients Demand
PPI: 5-130 Tensile Strength: 5-18 Kpa
Mechanical Strength: Min 2.5 Mpa Volume Density: Min 0.1 G/cm3
High Light:

nickel foil


nickel 200 strip

Porous High Strength Nickel Metal Foam Uesd for SOFC Electrode Relay Fedders


Introducction and Application Clasification:


Nickel Foam Industrial Application- high purity nickel foam produced in a wide porosity range (~70% to 98%) and based on the structure of reticulated polymer foam. nickel foam are suitable porous three-dimensional anodes for the oxidation of organic substrates. Metal foams are metal cellular structures containing a large volume fraction of gas-filled pores. They are a relatively new class of materials, which has been developed for applications in lightweight structures. They offer low densities and, due to their high stiffness to weight ratio, they show potential for energy absorption and mechanical damping. There are two types of metal foams, open cell metal foam, where the pores do interconnect, and closed cell metal foams with sealed pores. Nickel foam possesses unique features such as exceptional uniformity, light weight, high porosity, intrinsic strength, corrosion resistance, and good electrical and thermal conductivity.


1, battery electrode material

Foam nickel is mainly used for battery electrode materials, especially for NiMH batteries. Such rechargeable batteries are widely used in laptop computers, mobile phones, electric scooters, electric bicycles, and hybrid vehicles.

2, fuel cell

Molten carbonate fuel cells typically operate at temperatures between 550 and 700 ° C, and foamed nickel can be an electrocatalyst for molten carbonate fuel cells. Nickel foam can be used for bipolar plate modifying materials for proton exchange membrane production cells (PEMFC), electrode relay feeders for solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC), and electrode materials for electrolysis (as in water electrolytic environments). The increased surface area can also be used to generate hydrogen and syngas for fuel cells.

3. Catalyst materials

The unique open-cell structure, low-pressure input hole, inherent tensile strength and thermal shock resistance make foamed nickel possible as a catalyst carrier for automotive catalyst converters, catalytic combustion, and diesel black smoke purifiers. When the engine is cold-started, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons are converted. Due to the heat transfer properties, the foamed nickel catalyst carrier may be superior to the ceramic catalyst carrier. In this sense, the foamed nickel may be compared with the high temperature resistant steel catalyst carrier or higher than the high temperature resistance. The steel catalyst carrier is superior. Other applications of the foamed nickel catalyst may include a Fischer-Tropsch reaction, a gas modification, a hydrogenation reaction of a fine chemical, a foam catalyst support.

4, other applications

Nickel foam can be used as a filter material to treat magnetic flux conductors of magnetic particles in a fluid. Other applications include application to hydrogen storage media, heat exchange media.


Performance characteristics:

1. Temperature resistance above 700 degrees, acid and alkali corrosion resistance

2. Good permeability, uniform pore structure and high mechanical strength

3. High dust holding capacity, which is conducive to multi-layer filtration

Application areas:

Exhaust gas filter carrier material for diesel and gasoline engines

Metallurgical, chemical engineering and industrial waste gas filtration (such as aluminum water filtration and industrial oil mist filtration), kitchen fume and other civil filtration

Gas layer material for various industrial and civil infrared burners

Fluidized plate porous material made of foam metal material

The control of fluid distribution state, the transfer of powder materials and the fluidized bed operation have been widely used in industrial processes. Especially, fluidized bed technology is an important means for mass transfer, heat transfer, mixing and chemical reaction in chemical processes. . Among them, the control of the gas distribution state requires the use of a gas permeable orifice material. The foam metal porous fluidized plate is made by cutting using the world's leading new porous metal material. It has a unique three-dimensional uniform through-hole structure, uniform pores, porosity of 95%, and through-hole ratio of over 98%. It can be used in petrochemical, metallurgical machinery, energy and environmental protection, textile and electric power, aerospace, pharmaceutical and other industries with rectification, powder conveying, gas diffusion, drying, soaking, environmental protection and other functional requirements.

Foam metal for automobile exhaust gas catalytic converter carrier

The foam metal carrier catalyst has the advantages of quick ignition, small volume, high strength and good heat resistance, and has been widely used in motorcycle exhaust gas purification. It is pretreated on the surface of the metal foam carrier, and a transition layer is formed between the metal foam carrier and the active coating to solve the thermal expansion matching gradient transition between the metal material and the active coating, and the coating layer is coated with Ce. The active coating of rare earth elements such as La, Pr, etc., and then loaded with an active component containing a noble metal such as Pt or Rh. The surface treatment of the carrier forms a transition layer, and the bonding strength of the coating is good; the high temperature resistant surface area material is used, the high temperature resistance of the catalyst is good; the ratio of noble metal to rare earth element is optimized, the catalyst has a low light-off temperature; Oxygen material formula, high efficiency of catalytic converter purification; automatic coating equipment suitable for metal honeycomb carrier, uniform coating uniformity; long life of metal catalyst: gasoline vehicles up to 80,000 km; strict quality control and inspection The product quality is stable; the formulas of different costs can be selected, and the emission is up to standard while taking into account the economy.



Nickel Foam,
Thickness:0.9mm, Bulk density:0.62g.cm-3, Porosity:93%, Pores/cm:20, Purity:99.5%
Nickel Foam,
Thickness:1.6mm, Bulk density:0.45g.cm-3, Porosity:95%, Pores/cm:20, Purity:99.5%
Nickel Foam,
Thickness:6mm, Bulk density:0.45g.cm-3, Porosity:95%, Pores/cm:4, Purity:99.5%
Nickel Foam,
Thickness:6mm, Bulk density:0.45g.cm-3, Porosity:95%, Pores/cm:8, Purity:99.5%
Nickel Foam,
Thickness:6mm, Bulk density:0.45g.cm-3, Porosity:95%, Pores/cm:16, Purity:99.5%

Good Structure High Strength Nanometer Pure Nickel Foam for Motor Muffler 0Good Structure High Strength Nanometer Pure Nickel Foam for Motor Muffler 1

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